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[DENICpublic-l] NEWS RELEASE: 20 Years of DENIC eG – A Key Pillar of the Free and Secure Internet in Germany

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  • Subject: [DENICpublic-l] NEWS RELEASE: 20 Years of DENIC eG – A Key Pillar of the Free and Secure Internet in Germany
  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2016 19:16:55 +0100
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20 Years of DENIC eG – A Key Pillar of the Free and Secure Internet in Germany

Independent and Not-For-Profit | One of the World's Largest Domain Registries

For 30 years, precisely since 5 November 1986, Germany's country code TLD .de
has been online. On 17 December, DENIC, the organisation behind .de, now
makes the twin jubilee complete, celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Dear Sir or Madam, dear Member,

2016 is a twin-jubilee year for DENIC, the registry operator of Germany’s Top
Level Domains .de: Since 5 November 1986 – thus for 30 years – Germany's
country code TLD .de been online. On 17 December, the organisation behind .de
– the DENIC Cooperative – celebrates its 20th anniversary and makes the
twin jubilee complete.

The history of domain administration in Germany – and thus the history of
DENIC, which stands for Deutsches (German) Network Information Center – is a
success story. Organised as a cooperative, DENIC today comprises more than
320 companies from the German and the international Internet industry.
Within 20 years, more than 16 million domains were registered under .de. This
makes DENIC one of the top 3 TLD operators in the world.

Two geographically distant data centers in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and
Amsterdam, Netherlands, and multiple redundant name servers at the most
important Internet exchanges in the world, all designed for automatic
administration using virtualization technologies, ensure that .de domains can
reached around the clock from any place in the world within a fraction of a
second. All this adds up to a reliable and secure infrastructure
characterised by high-level performance and availability that is constantly
enhanced and improved in accordance with the latest standards.

The structure of DENIC as an independent cooperative operating as a
private-sector not-for-profit organisation is in line with the democratic
idea of
the Internet that aims to serve the interests of all stakeholders. So, the
globally unique business model of self-regulatory TLD management provided
by a cooperative has long proven successful in Germany. 20 years of
expertise, reliability and integrity have gained DENIC great respect both
nationally and internationally as one of the leading TLD operators worldwide,
all along with much trust of political stakeholders and institutions, in

Web Offers Under .de? No Connection Without DENIC!

Offering the name service for .de, DENIC operates a basic resource that is
mandatory to allow the easy use of the German Internet, by linking domains
to the content of websites or to other Internet-based services, like e-mail.
Next to managing the electronic register of all .de domains, DENIC
performs this key task for the use and benefit of the whole German Internet
Community – in a neutral and independent, competent, responsible,
non-discriminating way, acting in accordance with the internationally
recognized standards for the operation of TLD registries (RFC 1591).

The requirements to be met with regard to security on the Internet are ever
increasing. As a result, expectations of the wider public regarding the
reliability of technical infrastructure providers like DENIC are growing
constantly. DENIC is meeting this challenge by a systematic holistic
approach: Consistently using the latest IT infrastructure architectures and
applying intelligent cryptographic techniques and authentication methods
as well as a risk management system that is in compliance with the relevant
standards, DENIC continuously improves the security level of all its
services – and this is confirmed through the successful certification of
DENIC's Information Security and Business Continuity Management Systems in
accordance with the internationally acknowledged standards ISO/IEC 27001:2013
ISMS and ISO 22301:2012 BCM.

The DENIC Members – Representing the Diverse Interests of All Internet User

During its 20 years of existence, the registry of .de has developed
continuously – by increasing its membership by the factor ten, by constantly
getting more international, and last but not least by also becoming a
political player. From the very start until today, DENIC's success is largely
based on the Cooperative's strong rooting in the German Internet community.
The by now more than 320 member companies from the digital economy
represent a broad cross-section of the diverging interests of all Internet
user groups, from the large-scale provider of standardised end-customer
solutions to the specialist offering customised package solutions with
elaborated security features. Nearly two thirds have been DENIC members for
more than ten years.

That the country code .de is of great relevance not only to individuals,
enterprises and institutions resident in Germany but far beyond the German
borders, was recognised by specialist providers outside Germany as early as
2003, when multinational companies started to register other domain
extensions as a complement to their local domains. Today, the 54 European and
20 international DENIC members account for roughly one quarter of the
Cooperative's membership. Administering more than 650,000 of domains,
they literally make the concept of the Internet as a global village

Coming of Age Long Ago

Emerging from the 36 academic and commercial members forming the interest
group "Interessenverband Deutsches (German) Network Information Center
(IV-DENIC)", which had initially been set up by three German pioneer ISPs in
1993, the DENIC Cooperative founded on 17 December 1996 was joined by
another ten Internet service providers until the end of that year.

During the previous ten years, the management and DNS service for .de were
provided by academia, at the start even from the USA. Only in 1988, a
German institution, the University of Dortmund, took over the management of
the then first six .de domains (,,,, and from the US-based science computer
network CSNET. In 1994, this task was transferred to the data center of
Karlsruhe University. In the meantime, domains under management (DUM) had
leaped to roughly 1,000. Karlsruhe University remained responsible for all
aspects of the technical administration of .de until 1998. Only then, all
services of the Top Level Domain were bundled in Frankfurt am Main, where
the DENIC Cooperative had started its business as a neutral service provider
at the beginning of 1997. At that time, domains under management had
reached medium five-digit dimensions. Still today, DENIC is based in
Frankfurt, where some 100 staff are dealing with all dedicated registry

Complementary Service Offers: A Plus of Security for the Domain Industry and
the Internet User

Thanks to its robust infrastructure and the comparably liberal registration
conditions in Germany, .de soon gained the leading position among the
country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) and continually strengthened this
position until the end of 2015, when .cn (China) became the largest
country-targeted TLD because Chinese investors had started to use domain
names for speculation purposes on a growing scale.

In response to the changing market environment as of the 2010s, when domain
growth slowly began to level off, DENIC soon started to extend its
expertise beyond the management of the .de zone to complementary fields of
action that benefit also other players in the domain industry: At present
DENIC runs managed DNS services for nine country code registries with over 6M
combined DUM. Thus, they take advantage of the worldwide availability
and high computing performance of DENIC's name servers and achieve a broader,
more resilient footprint for their own business.

Since autumn this year, DENIC also offers a new service to assist registrars
and registries in complying with European data protection regulations to
securely store copies of the domain data administered by them with an
independent third party in order to ensure that management of the related
domains can be continued even in case of a disruption. Eight customers are
already using DENIC's new Data Escrow Service on a test basis.

Commitment Beyond .de

Initially an institution with a mere technical focus, the Cooperative has
long also become a respected voice in ICT and Internet policy related
discussions. In permanent contact with other national and international
institutions, organisations and associations of the Internet ecosystem, DENIC
advocates and promotes the preservation of the open, free and secure
Internet, by being actively involved in the central coordination body for
Internet infrastructure ICANN, the body responsible for the development of
technical Internet standards IETF, the open forum of European operators of
IP networks and network infrastructure RIPE NCC, the German national CERT
Association of Computer Emergency Response Teams, in the regionals
assocations of national Top Level Domain Registries CENTR, APTLD and LACTLD
as well as in global and regional forums that deal with the multiple
facets of Internet Governance (such as IGF, IGF-D, EuroDIG, NETmundial).

DENIC's mission to act in line with the democratic idea of the Internet, is
also reflected in its involvement in the European Summer School on
Internet Governance (EURO-SSIG), which is held by experts from universities
and companies of the Internet industry. For 10 years, DENIC has invested
as the academy's main sponsor in excellent training for the leaders of
tomorrow. Until today, roughly 300 alumni from more than 80 countries have
prepared by this programme for the political, legal, economic, socio-cultural
and technological future challenges of global Internet governance.

WWW as an Economic Factor

According to the 2016 Digital Economy Monitoring Report published by the
German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in October this year,
the domestic Internet sector as a key industry by now generates an annual 111
billion Euros, equivalent to about 3.7 percent of the German gross
domestic product. It has thus become – not only due to another 9 percent
growth rate in 2015 – a more important economic factor than the energy
industry or agriculture.

Consequently, the work performed by DENIC every day is constantly gaining in
importance: not only for this essential technology and key business
sector, but also for the economy, the working world and the society as a
whole going digital – a vital factor for tomorrow’s competitiveness and
innovative strength not only in Germany.

Kind regards

Stefanie Welters
Corporate Communications
DENIC eG | Kaiserstraße 75 - 77 | 60329 Frankfurt am Main | GERMANY
E-Mail: presse AT | Fon: +49 69 27235-274 | Fax: -235

Angaben nach § 25a Absatz 1 GenG:
DENIC eG (Sitz: Frankfurt am Main). Vorstand: Helga Krüger, Martin
Küchenthal, Andreas Musielak, Dr. Jörg Schweiger
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Thomas Keller. Eingetragen unter Nr. 770 im
Genossenschaftsregister, Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main

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  • [DENICpublic-l] NEWS RELEASE: 20 Years of DENIC eG – A Key Pillar of the Free and Secure Internet in Germany, DENIC Presse, 12/16/2016

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