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[DENICpublic-l] denic whois - rfc-ignorants

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  • From: "Rene Marticke COSIMO GmbH" <postmaster AT>
  • To: <public-l AT>
  • Subject: [DENICpublic-l] denic whois - rfc-ignorants
  • Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 15:32:00 +0200

Hallo Liste.

Euch ja bekannt ist, ist der DENIC-Whois etwas anders.
Ein whois wird nur mit connect oder nicht beantwortet.

Das führt dazu, dass z.B. mein Mailserver in der rfc-ignorants RBL gelistet
list, da kein sauberer "whois" ermittelbar ist.

Auf Anfrage an die rfc-ignorants Admin kam unten stehende Antwort.
Warum ist der whois geändert? Kann man das nicht wieder vereinheitlichen?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Kind Regards
Rene Marticke
Programmentwicklung / Internetservice / KHK

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D-04655 Kohren-Sahlis

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Well, it's not "your" entry. It's the "DE" entry, which (as a
subdomain) you merely inherit.

The only thing you can do is either:

(a) stop using .DE domains until they wire their head and ass together, or
(b) convince DENIC to wire their head and ass together.


Tnx for replay.
What can i do to clear my entry in your db ?

I can't change the .de whois ;-)

> > The .de whois Server changed query strings.
> The .de server doesn't get to rewrite the WHOIS protocol to their own
> whims. The protocol doesn't require lots of switches and such. It says
> "send me a domain, send a [CR], get info back."
> And, in the case of .DE, that last part never happens.


I noticed a listing of my Server because of wrong whois data.
Please take a look to the script.
The .de whois Server changed query strings.

If you do a whois you get only a "Domain is connected"

For all information you have to do a whois -h -- "-T dn"

Please take a look at this.
If i missunderstood the entry please correct me.

My Server is using this list for blocking to and is also up to date in case
of SPAM prevention.

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