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public-l - [DENICpublic-l] Fwd: Removal of selected sets of contact information from the RIPE Database

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[DENICpublic-l] Fwd: Removal of selected sets of contact information from the RIPE Database

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  • From: Henning Brauer <lists-denic-public-l AT>
  • To: public-l AT
  • Subject: [DENICpublic-l] Fwd: Removal of selected sets of contact information from the RIPE Database
  • Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 23:07:33 +0200

@DENIC: any comments?
Da es keine denic-handles oder eine moeglichkeit zum erstellen von handles
in eurer db gibt stellt das ein ernsthaftes problem dar...

owner-db-wg AT wrote on 21.08.2001 18:49:11:

> Dear all,
> (apologies for duplicates)
> As you know, the subject of storage of person and role objects in the
> RIPE Database has been the focus of attention for some time,
> particularly information being stored in the Database that is not
> directly related to RIPE NCC activities and/or some of the people
> whose information is stored in the RIPE Database are not aware of the
> fact.
> During the RIPE 39 meeting in Bologna, I reported on increasing
> concerns about data privacy issues and potential legal implications
> the RIPE NCC could be involved in due to some of this data.
> Call it a coincidence,but we have been approached by the
> Dutch Data Protection Agency a few weeks ago to discuss this matter.
> The agency's action is taken on behalf of other similar global
> agencies who have requested their Dutch counterparts to act as
> the RIPE NCC is based in the Netherlands.
> As a result of the discussions, the authorities have requested the
> RIPE NCC to remove all unreferenced data currently stored in the
> Database.
> This affects mainly person objects related to domain name
> registration information stored in the RIPE Database.
> In order to minimise annoyances to users and the membership we would
> like to proceed with the process in a timely manner. In order to
> prevent undue deletions we propose the following process:
> 1. The following unreferenced person objects will be deleted:
> - objects referenced only from *.de domains, according to the list
> provided by DENIC (or list of mntners that define that set);
> - objects that are un-maintained.
> 2. Those who want to protect their objects in the database should tag
> them with a special mntner (RIPE-NCC-PN-NONE-MNT). This procedure is
> solely meant for personal use by individuals interested in keeping
> their personal data in the RIPE Database. However, this is subject to
> change in the future.
> 3. All of the object deletions will be performed in one step. There
> will be an outage in updates for ~1 day. We plan to start the process
> Friday, 21 September 2001 in the evening and finish by the end of
> Saturday. More concrete details will be provided in the coming weeks.
> Best regards,
> Joao Damas

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